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Book your Private Snorkel or Private Scuba Dive on Oahu, Hawaii

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Eleanor's Dream
Adaptive Snorkeling Tours

Experience the ocean with the one you love with the patience of a private instructor who has over 20 years experience working with kids with great abilities (special needs).

- A private unique snorkeling tour for special needs you and your  loved ones

- Tour lasts on average from 1-2 hours but can be extended if your loved one needs more time 

- Specialized plan unique to your kiddo to experience snorkeling in a safe way.

Check out our Adaptive Snorkeling tours page for more information!

Couples Adventures

Experience the ocean with the one you love.

Choose from:

- a private relaxed snorkeling tour for you and your family

- a first-timer dive for two (NO certification required)

- a refresher dive (for those who haven't been diving within the past year and would like a REFRESHER ON SKILL

- or a certified divers adventure (for those who dive often)

Check out our Couples Adventure page for more information!

couples private dive

Private Adventures

Here at Snorkel and Dive Hawaii we aren't just interested in getting in the water, we also want you to have a memorable, unique and enjoyable experience at your pace. We specialize in private scuba diving and snorkeling encounters on Oahu, Hawaii. We intentionally keep our groups small to allow you a tailored experience at your comfort level while exploring underwater.


All of our adventures begin with walking in from your local beach.




A great experience for people who are first timers in the ocean and be with the sea creatures


Starting at $125

per person




No experience needed

This Scuba Diving adventure is perfect for a one time diving experience for anyone aged 10 years and older. This allows you to try diving without certification.

Starting at $200

per person




This Refresher dive is an ideal way to update your dive skills and knowledge before jumping back into the water.

Prices start at $200 per person




For the Certified divers, we offer a private and relaxed professionally guided tour.

Prices start at $125 for 1 tank per person or 2 tanks per person for $200.


Hi, I'm Emilie!

Accommodating Your Style


I am a Social Worker by education and professional training. However, I pivoted in my career because of my passion and love for scuba diving!


I've been diving Hawaii for over 15 years and have explored nearly every nook and cranny.  My personal favorites on O'ahu are Shark's Cove and Three Tables in the North Shore.

I love searching for all types of ocean life including: octopus, dolphins, eels, and turtles. 


I'm passionate about creating smiles on the faces of whom I take underwater! 


Explore the Unexplored

See another side of nature untouched

Welcome to Snorkel & Dive Hawaii where we love to personalize your underwater experience.

Snorkel & Dive Hawaii is a woman owned and operated business. We specialize in offering custom snorkeling tours, private scuba diving tours, and other adventures giving you the unique attention to feel safe and learn to dive at your own pace.


Scuba Diving Certification

Specializing in private and small group scuba diving certification for a personalized experience. 




This certification course includes: all equipment, knowledge development, confined, and open water dives. Must be 10 years or older, able to swim and medically fit. Once complete you will earn your Open Water Diver Certification.

Prices start at $750 per for person not private, $1000 for private. 

Please check calendar for my availability, select 2 days & include possible date "add a note" section when paying.



Prerequisites for this certification are: Open Water Diver. Must be 12 years or older. This course will improve underwater knowledge and diving skills. You will be able to diver deeper than 60ft/18m. Includes 5 adventure dives. 

Prices start at $600 per person

& $700 for private 

Please check calendar for my availability, select 2 days & include possible date "add a note" section when paying.




Contact us to book your Open Water Diver Certification. Please be aware that only private bookings will allow for on-demand, flexible sessions. Non-private certifications will be scheduled according to staff availability.

Scuba Diving Certifictions

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Sites

Hawaii has a rich and diverse sea life including everything from Sea Turtles to Dolphins and more. Our goal for our divers and snorkelers is to have a great and fun experience exploring the depths of the Hawaiian Sea and seeing some of our amazing ocean wildlife. Here are some of our most popular Scuba Diving Tour & Snorkeling Tour spots.


Three Tables

North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii

Explore the underwater swim-throughs and see how the light passes through the cathedrals.


Shark's Cove

North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii

Don't let the name fool you, it is actually uncommon to see a shark here. Known for Turtles, Reefs and caves.


Electric Beach

Westside - Oahu, Hawaii

Electric by nature this dive spot is unique in it's underwater treasures and super clear water. Come and explore.

Dive Sites