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First Time Dive Adventure Questionnaire

Before we complete your booking please read and fill out the following form.

Contact Information
Choose your add on:
 Snorkeling & Swimming Experience Level
How comfortable are you with swimming or snorkeling in the ocean?
How many times have you snorkeled in the ocean in total?

(You will receive an email requesting payment shortly.

Reservations will be confirmed after non-refundable payment has been placed.)

** Please note that snorkeling and scuba diving are strenuous activities.  They are done in the ocean, which is subject to currents and waves. We do shore dives and snorkeling experience.  Also be aware that Hawaii does not have lifeguards at all beaches. **

*Minimum age for Scuba Diving is 10 years old*

First Time Dive Experience $200, Never snorkeled before $250 (per person) 

**If requesting a dive with more than one person please indicate the lowest experience level for the people in the group**

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